About Us

We are Strike For Future Israel

We are the Israeli branch of the global youth protest for stopping the climate crisis (Fridays For Future), which has been gaining momentum across the world in the past few years. This movement is led by students who strike against the lack of action on the part of the governments and elected officials regarding the climate crisis which is threatening our future; in order to urge them to change their approach towards the issue and take necessary actions.

We act in order to ensure the future of our generation. We are the ones who will suffer from the consequences of the climate crisis created by previous generations. This crisis will cause irreversible damage to our lives, and will prevent us from having a safe and stable future.

The movement is organized and led by youth alone and accepts anyone as they are, without distinction between religion, nation, sex, origin or geographical location.

What are we protesting about?

As of today, in Israel there is barely any legislation or enforcement on the topic of the climate crisis, and its importance in the political realm is negligible. All the while that the IPCC reports, on behalf of the UN, have announced that if no drastic changes will be made in the approach towards climate change and no global actions will be done by 2030; the climate crisis will reach a point in time called the “point of no return”. The point of no return is a point from which we will no longer be able to repair the damage we have inflicted and which will harm our daily life. 

Therefore, we protest against our government’s inaction regarding this subject; which holds immense importance in regard to all citizens. If this state of inaction will continue, each and every one of us will be harmed.

Where did we come from?

The climate youth movement began with a swedish student named Greta Thunberg. In August 2018, at the age of 15, she started striking at the expense of her studies at school and demonstrating in front of the Swedish parliament against the inaction of the government regarding the climate crisis. More and more students began to strike every Friday alongside Greta, who then founded a similar movement in their country. The movement expanded more and more, and as of today includes more than 215 countries, 7,500 cities and 14 million protesters, who strike across the planet for a common goal. 

The movement has achieved many accomplishments, earned support from different leaders from around the world and vast media coverage, and has raised once again and with renewed vigor the critical issue – the climate crisis. Greta’s struggle has earned international recognition, and she has held meetings on this subject with many leaders and even with the pope, and spoke in the UN’s climate conference.

For more information regarding our actions so far, visit Past Actions