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We are Strike For Future Israel

We are the Israeli branch of the global youth protest for stopping the climate crisis (Fridays For Future), which has been gaining momentum across the world in the past few years. This movement is led by students who strike against the lack of action on the part of the governments and elected officials regarding the climate crisis which is threatening our future; in order to urge them to change their approach towards the issue and take necessary actions.

What is the climate crisis

The climate crisis is caused by greenhouse gases (such as Carbon Dioxide and Methane) which are emitted into the atmosphere. As a result of human activity (burning fossil fuels, industries, etc.), the concentration of these gases in the atmosphere has become too high. This high concentration increases the greenhouse effect. This phenomenon causes the earth to gradually become warmer (on average). This rise in temperature is already creating (and will continue to create more so in the future) a variety of problems; such as rising sea levels, more destructive storms, waves of extreme heat and cold, epidemics, droughts, famines, huge fires, massive extinctions of species etc. All of these phenomena together are called the climate crisis. According to scientists’ forecasts, if we do not significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 we will reach the point of no return; a point in time from which it will be almost impossible to stop the climate crisis.

To help stop this crisis, visit our web page How To Help and our list of goals and demands below.

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Our goals

Implementing existing solutions to minimize the climate crisis

Implementation of a nationwide master plan for the use of 100% renewably sourced energy, limitation and control of greenhouse gas emissions and pollution from factories and industry, streamlining and making public transportation accessible.

The presence of the climate crisis in public discourse

Increasing public awareness of the climatic emergency situation and a strong demand from the decision-makers in the Israeli government to act through all means to stop it.

Creating a comprehensive curriculum on the climate crisis

Creating and introducing a comprehensive curriculum, for grades 1-12, on the climate crisis and its solutions within the education system and providing psychological support for this complex topic.

To read our movement’s full demands (in Hebrew)

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