How Can I Help

Join our protests!

Want to join? Wonderful! You are welcome to join Strike for Future Israel,
organize protests, talk with politicians and be a climate activist!

Contact us to join:
Ma’ayan:(+972) 58-767-5887
Matan:(+972) 052-2145705
Nadia:(+972) 052-3891891
Reoot: (+972) 050-4949353

We’d love to hear from you!💚

Adults? We’d love to see you in our protests! Everyone is welcome to participate!

If you are interested, there are many environmental organizations for adults in Israel!

We work in collaboration with Green Course, Extinction Rebellion Israel,
Parents for Climate and Greenpeace Israel, but there are many more

Follow us on social media to stay updated:

Speak Up!

Spreading awareness and information is the most powerful thing each and every one of
us can do. Talk about climate change with whoever you can- friends, family, at school,
at work, on the train, on the bus etc. Change will happen once there will be a wide civil
awakening around the topic. Climate Change is the biggest crisis of the 21st century!

Spread information about climate change, its effects, invite people to join our protests
and spread the word – change is coming!

Adopt Sustainable Habits!

In order to reduce our carbon footprint, there are many simple things we can choose to
do: reduce our meat consumption, shop second hand clothes, purchase long lasting
products, stop using single use plastics, buy local produce, switch to energy efficient
light bulbs, air dry your laundry instead of using a dryer, use public transportation/ ride
a bike/ walk/ carpool as much as possible and the list goes on…


Although we, as a youth organization, do not accept donations; many other environmental organizations do!

 We encourage you to do some research and invest in the field of interest you believe in!